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Breed Group : Hound
Weight : 6-8kgs
Height : 30-32 cms
Color(s) : any recognized hound color
Distinct feature : The long ears of this rather lazy breed are sensitive, which makes him best for a life with older and more respectable children.
Coat : The coat of the Basset Hound should always be short, never long. The coat is dense, hard, and smooth making it weather resistant.
Temperament : Affectionate, lazy, devoted, quiet, and peaceful, the Basset Hound does exceptionally well with a family. This breed loves children, and generally does well with other animals. They can be taught tricks,
Character : The Basset Hound is independent but sociable, calm, patient, and playful. Basset Hounds are extremely kind and easygoing. They are very fond of their master and family.
Activity : Basset Hounds have the tendency to overeat therefore should be given plenty of exercise to keep him healthy. Normally a lazy breed, this dog should be taken on regulated walks and should be allowed a free roam in a safe, fenced in area.


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